Pierre Maheut

Virtual Materials Creation for 3D rendering

Pierre Maheut is product manager for Architecture and Industrial Design at Allegorithmic. Graduated from Strate, Design School with a master of Industrial Design and Innovation Management, he spent eight years at Dassault Systemes as a CATIA Creative Design expert and portfolio manager. Allegorithmic is a software developer of 3D content creation tools. Starting out in 2003 with the aim of reimagining the process of texture creation, today its Substance suite of tools is used widely by 3D professionals in a range of industries for PBR (physically based rendering) material authoring. The software appealed initially to users in the gaming industry but over the years it is increasingly being used by designers, engineers and architects to fulfill their need for rapid, efficient texturing.

Talk Title:
Virtual Materials Creation for 3D rendering

Talk Abstract:
Reference when it comes to Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials, we will present how to use Substance and more specifically Substance Designer, node-based material authoring tool to create procedural and/or scanned based materials. It will include full customer workflow from scan to 3D material for realtime and raytraced imagery up to VR experiences. Use cases in several types of industries will be displayed from automotive design to high-tech products and fashion design.