Jesse Coors-Blankenship

The Next Frontier: Interactive Generative Design

Talk Abstract:
Jesse Coors-Blankenship, CEO of Frustum, will discuss how new generative design tools are shaping a future where engineers have complete freedom of design to leverage the unique capabilities of additive manufacturing. The demonstration will include practical examples of parts automatically designed by state- of-the-art topology optimization technology. Part of the presentation will also involve discussion on how software is becoming more aware of the manufacturing method, in this case metal printing, and automatically factoring that into the design process ensuring design for manufacturing.

Jesse founded Frustum Inc. in 2014 to pioneer generative design. Recognized for his expertise, Jesse served as a Columbia University (MSAAD-2010) Researcher & Professor, teaching generative design and programming to hundreds of graduate students. Jesse also worked as a Senior Optimization Engineer at Autodesk Research for Additive Manufacturing and Aerospace applications. His work included leading the Optimization of the Airbus Bionic Partition Panel. As CEO of Frustum Inc., Jesse has enjoyed growing a innovative company by establishing its 3D Software Generate in the market and forming strong OEM partnerships with Frustum’s generative design engine TrueSOLID.