James Dagg

Reality Check: Real-Life Examples and Applications of Simulation and Optimization

Talk Abstract:
The world we live in is built on design and engineering, it’s in almost everything we touch. It is a part of every human experience. It’s in the planes and trains we sit in, the cars we drive, and the elevators we ride to the sky. It is even in the valves that give us heartbeats and the equipment that saves our lives. But not all design and engineering are created equal, and without something that has been meticulously constructed, simulated, optimized, challenged, and then challenged again, it leaves the design ready to fail. That is where Altair makes all the difference. It is the difference between soaring through space, or contaminating it. Between lightweight, and heavyweight, sinking, and swimming. Between an engine that revs politely, and an engine that roars. So what will you design and engineer with the power of Altair?

Over the past three decades, Altair has pioneered optimization solutions for its customers by developing and implementing simulation technologies that allow users to design innovative, lightweight, and more sustainable products.

Attend this presentation to learn about the past, present, and future of simulation and optimization including multiple examples from real-world projects and customers who have leveraged Altair’s tools to Design the Difference.

Talk title:
Reality Check: Real-Life Examples and Applications of Simulation and Optimization

James Dagg is the Chief Technical Officer for Altair’s modeling, visualization and math-based solutions and strategy. With a primary responsibility to create an exceptional user experience across Altair’s entire software portfolio, Mr. Dagg’s organization is focused on making Altair’s simulation, math and optimization technologies available to a broader audience to accelerate sound business and product design decisions.

For more than 25 years, Mr. Dagg has been a visionary behind Altair’s software strategy and development activities. Prior to his role as CTO, Mr. Dagg was the Senior Vice President for Altair’s newest subsidiary, solidThinking®. In this role, he was responsible for leading the development of its concept design technologies, Inspire and Evolve.

Mr. Dagg joined Altair in 1987 where he worked as a structural analyst and as a multi-body dynamics analyst in the field of vehicle dynamics. He then transitioned to a software development role in 1990 where he was responsible for both custom and commercial software projects. Beginning in 1995 and for more than a decade, Mr. Dagg oversaw the development of Altair’s computer-aided engineering (CAE) software suite, Altair® HyperWorks®.

Dagg received his BSME in 1988 from the University of Michigan and his MS in Applied Mechanics from U of M in 1993.