Andy Harris

Generative Design and Metal Casting: Economical Performance

Talk Abstract:
In this session, we’ll explore a powerful combination of 3 technologies: generative design, additive manufacturing, and metal casting. We’ll discuss different generative and optimization approaches and manufacturability implications, cover how different 3D printing technologies are used in metal casting, and finally discuss the different metal casting processes and their respective capabilities. Content will include case studies and comparison of manufacturing costs. Attendees will leave with a familiarity with the generative-design-to-metal-casting workflow and a basic understanding of process manufacturability constraints and design rules.

Talk Title:
Generative Design and Metal Casting: Economical Performance

Andy Harris is a consultant engineer based in the London, UK office. He is a part of the Advanced Consulting team and leads the R&D effort for this group. He has a background in aerospace, automotive and materials engineering with 14 years of experience in this area. He has a masters degree in aerospace engineering and a doctorate in materials science from the University of Surrey. At Autodesk Andy’s role is to work directly with industrial partners in collaboration to provide innovative solutions. This not only benefits the customer it also ensures Autodesk can continue to provide relevant cutting edge software for industrial needs. During his time he has built up a strong interest in the economical exploitation of new technologies.