Suchit Jain


VP Strategy & Business Dev | M&A | Startup Advocate | Mentor
Main Stage //
Gap-to-Zero: The Next Revolution in Manufacturing & Rise of Hardware Entrepreneurs

Talk Abstract:
How do makers, manufacturers, and engineers achieve gap-to-zero distance between design and making? This session paints a future where design software speaks the language of additive manufacturing for 3D printing. See how the uprising of AR/VR technologies is helping achieve Gap-to-Zero by providing new multi-sensory environment to improve design and making. Walk through software and machine integration scenarios where unstructured manufacturing achieves faster concept to product realization.  See examples that illustrates how new process techniques, tools, and design interfaces create innovation in model generation and intelligent machines – at the click of a button.

Prior to his role overseeing the SOLIDWORKS corporate strategy, Suchit served as the vice president of analysis products. He has played a role in the success of the SOLIDWORKS analysis strategy since 2001 when the company acquired Structural Research and Analysis Corporation (SRAC) where he was vice president of marketing. Suchit started his technology career in 1994, supporting the then-new COSMOS analysis software as an entry-level engineer with SRAC. There he assumed increasing levels of responsibility and helped COSMOS grow into one of the most widely used design analysis products in the industry. Suchit holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. He also holds a masters degree from the University of Southern California.