Paul Sohi


Industrial designer

Main Stage //
The dawn of AI for creatives: the next age of mechanical innovation.

Paul Sohi is an industrial designer, and lead of the iconic projects program at Autodesk. Paul has a formal education as an architect, but moved very rapidly into product design after graduating. For a few years, Paul ran his own design practice out of London, focusing on additive manufacturing technologies, but found working with musicians, movie makers, and hardware innovators more fulfilling. Since joining Autodesk, Paul has run and managed a variety of high profile projects for Autodesk, from creating the world’s first 3D printed performance prosthetic for Silver medal
Paralympian, Denise Schindler; to giant robots, to currently working on a series of projects in the sports and wellness industries with Astronauts.

Talk Abstract:
In every design or engineering exercise, we as creatives are looking to innovate, to do more with less, and to always do something better than what came before us. Parallel to this we are expected to produce faster, more efficiently, and cheaper, with less time than ever. The demand from consumers, as well as investors has created a world where design exploration is under immense pressure, not necessarily enabling the incubation of multiple ideas. However the popularisation of AI, and with it, the emergence of AI for designers and engineers is bringing in a new age of conceptulisation, design exploration, and manufacturable parts with it.