Paul Sagar

Creo Parametric, PTC

VP of product management
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Products are becoming more complex than ever: more software, electronics, hardware, sensors, and microprocessors. Welcome to the era of the IoT, the convergence of physical and digital, one of the most exciting times in our careers. You need a plan to take advantage of both the opportunity the IoT represents and the ever-increasing speed of change. Join Paul Sagar, VP of CAD Product Management, as he shows you how Creo enables you to keep up with the top trends in CAD. Whether you are interested in Augmented Reality, Additive Manufacturing, Smart Connected Products or Simulation Driven Design, Creo has the capabilities you need.

Paul Sagar is director of product management for Creo® products at PTC for the area of parametric modeling. In his current position, Mr. Sagar is responsible for overseeing the Creo Parametric product family, focusing on surfacing and industrial design.

Mr. Sagar has been in product management at PTC for 7 years, most recently working on the development of the sub-divisional modeling technology in Creo Freestyle. His previous roles at PTC include Applications Engineer and Benchmark Specialist.

Before joining PTC, Mr. Sagar worked as a Design Engineer and Managing Director of a design consultancy in the UK. He previously also worked at IBM for a number of years.

Mr. Sagar earned a bachelor’s degree in product design and development from Salford University, UK.