Mike Geyer


Director, Biz Dev

Main Stage //
Manufacturing Supply Chains: The Quick Demise

Talk Abstract:
Manufacturing stands on the precipice of a truly disruptive ‘tech moment’. The factories of today will soon be thought of like the taxis and payphones of yesterday. This massive industry still runs on email and spreadsheets yet competition among product developers has never been more fierce. Volatile global politics and shifting policies will rip static, inflexible supply chains to shreds. We are forcing the issue at Fictiv by ushering in a new paradigm to dynamically connect demand with supply and allow anyone to bring new products to market eight times faster..

Mechanical engineer, was always taking things apart (and putting them back together as a kid). Really knew what I wanted to do when i worked at an open pit mine in high school. Worked in machine shop on massive equipment and was fascinated by trying to understand how these giant machines were built. Spent several years working directly with manufacturing companies on the software side helping them implement process improvement from design to production. Saw a great deal of waste and antiquated systems. Although these companies were producing some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world they were doing it the same way they had been 20-30 years ago. I saw that a massive change was needed.
About 5 years ago I had the opportunity to start working directly with the folks who were leading these changes and  it opened my eyes to the fact that massive changes were coming to the industry. The lowered barriers to entry, crowd-sourcing of not only capital but also product designs and entirely new processes for fabrication were becoming more common. One main theme that we found among the industry leaders was an idea of distributed manufacturing and bringing supply closer to demand. I recently joined Fictiv in order to be directly involved in driving this transformation of the manufacturing market.