Kathy Shottes

Siemens PLM Software

IES Solution Consultant (and BU Alumni)

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Recharge your Design Process

Talk Abstract:
Across every industry, modern products are increasingly intelligent and connected, designed to improve our productivity and simplify our daily lives. But, designing those products is anything but simple.  Today’s complex electromechanical systems, where electronics and software control mechanical designs, require seamless collaboration across multiple engineering disciplines – mechanical, electrical, software and manufacturing – and across digital and physical workspaces. Fortunately, next-generation solutions are available now to help you navigate todays modern design challenges.  Learn more about best-in-class ECAD-MCAD solutions from the Solid Edge portfolio and recharge your design process.

Ms. Shottes is a Solution Consultant with Siemens PLM Software focusing on delivering best-in-class solutions to the largest Military and Aerospace companies in the world. She works directly with clients, leading internal teams to incorporate Siemens electrical design applications into their engineering and manufacturing programs. Her previous roles at Mentor and Siemens include Applications Engineer and Customer Support Engineer. Prior to joining Siemens PLM Software, Ms. Shottes worked at Gulfstream Aerospace and Teradyne. Shottes earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Boston University.