Evan Kuester

3D Systems

Senior Advanced Applications Engineer

Additive Manufacturing breakout //
Designing for Printed Prostheses

Talk Abstract:
3D printing has delivered a growing impact to the design and production of prostheses and assistive devices. Each new technology delivers a new way to create objects that truly express the client’s needs. With 3D Systems expert, Evan Kuester, explore the history, developments, and the variety of ways additive manufacturing has changed the way prosthetic devices are conceived, produced and perceived.

Evan Kuester is an Advanced Applications Engineer at 3D Systems. He specializes in design for additive manufacturing and has experience working with 3D Systems’ portfolio of printing technologies across a variety of industries and applications. Some of the notable projects he has designed include: affordable custom prosthetic arms for children with E-nable, Limbitless Solutions, and Intel – Experience Amazing.