Duncan McCallum

Digital Alloys


Additive Manufacturing breakout //
Joule Printing: The Fastest Way to Make the Hardest Parts

Talk Abstract:
Despite great interest, the use of metal additive manufacturing in production applications has been limited by high production costs, slow printing speeds, complexity, and quality issues. Current methods take too long to be practical, or require the use of dangerous materials, specialized hardware, and multiple complex finishing steps involving shrink compensation software, chemical baths, and furnaces.

Joule Printing™ solves these challenges. The core invention was inspired by a few simple observations:

  1. Low production costs require both an inexpensive raw material and high printing speeds.
  2. Printing speed is gated by how quickly heat moves to the desired melting location.
  3. Metal 3D printers work by positioning and then melting raw material to build up 3D parts. For optimal speed, cost, and repeatability, the process should use as few steps as possible.
  4. Repeatable quality requires an ability to directly measure and control the melting process.

Duncan is an experienced CEO and investor with over two decades of success launching and leading new ventures. As an entrepreneur and CEO, Duncan has co-founded, built and sold two companies (Cilk Arts, VeloBit). Previously, Duncan served as a venture capitalist at Bessemer Venture Partners and Flagship Ventures, leading investments in 16 companies that have produced 12 acquisitions and an aggregate market capitalization in excess of $1.5 billion. Early in his career, Duncan led control system research teams at Draper Laboratory. He holds two degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School.