Dr. Masha V. Petrova


Product Marketing

Additive Manufacturing breakout //
Powerful Solutions for Metal AM Simulation

Talk Abstract:
This year, ANSYS launched its solution for simulation of metal additive manufacturing (AM), enabling customers to quickly transition metal AM R&D efforts into successful manufacturing operations.

This talk will describe this best-in-class solution that allows simulation of the entire AM process from design to print, including determining the best machine, part set-up and material configurations before physically having to print anything, greatly reducing, and potentially eliminating, physical trial and error.

Learn how ANSYS additive manufacturing simulation tools can help engineers, designers and machine operators to improve their AM designs by allowing users to more efficiently set up builds, simulate best part orientation, and automatically generate physics-based support structures. Discover how ANSYS’s additive process simulation helps customers to detect and prevent distortion, residual stresses and blade crashes. Learn how engineers and scientists can execute parametric studies and accelerate validation studies for metal print process and material development with insight into phase transformation, full thermal history, simulation of sensor outputs, meltpool characteristics, porosity and microstructure.

Masha Petrova received her Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from UC San Diego in 2005. Her thesis focused on developing chemical-kinetic mechanisms for aerospace applications.  She then went on to work at Reaction Design (now part of ANSYS, Inc) as a developer and later as a sales/marketing engineer. In 2008, she stated her own company MVP Consulting Solutions and then became the Director of Engineering in a rapidly growing engineering services start-up In San Diego, CA.

She was recruited by MSC Software 2016 to become the Director of Global Marketing. In October of 2017 she took a position as the Head of Marketing for 3DSIM, helped transition the company through the acquisition by ANSYS, Inc in December of 2017 and currently heads Product Marketing for the Additive Manufacturing suite of products.