David Benhaim



Additive Manufacturing breakout //
Hardware should be like software. Hardware Engineers should also be software engineers

Talk Abstract:
In the future most mechanical engineers will also be software engineers. That statement doesn’t mean that hardware engineers will write software, although some will and should. What it means is that hardware engineers will begin to decompose, build and maintain systems like software engineers do. I developed this idea when Markforged was just starting and ran it by some of my mechanical engineering counterparts – all of whom disagreed that things would ever change. Over the last 5 years I’ve slowly introduced software engineering best practices into their workflows and watched them adopt them and consequently benefit from a new way of thinking. During this talk we’ll explore some of the differences between hardware and software engineering development processes, what recent changes in technology unlocks right now, what will likely be unlocked, and what we can learn from each other as we continue to build more advanced technology.

I am currently CTO at Markforged. I spend most of my time working with and developing robots that make things out of metal or carbon fiber. I am a software engineer with a passion for 3d printing, robotics, and distributed systems. However, I got my start as a mechanical engineer – first with legos as a child but eventually with robotics in high school in college. I am most excited about 3d printing with advanced materials, self-driving cars, accessible cryptography and human-computer interfaces. I hope one day to ride on a space elevator.