Chris Hall

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From CAD into virtual worlds

Chris Hall leads the CAD focused Radeon ProRender solutions at AMD, leveraging his history with CAD that started by delivering the port of Pro/Engineer as the first available professional application available for Windows NT. Outside of PTC Chris has held a variety of engineering and product marketing roles leading teams to deliver products as diverse as 3D scene graph toolkits, graphics cards, safety-critical graphics products for aircraft cockpit “glass” displays, 3D Cameras and even business management software for pet professionals.

Chris has had an interest in AR/VR since 1995 when he first placed a virtual part, exported from CAD, on his desk using a Virtual IO iGlasses headset and a custom application built with Open Inventor. Now Chris is leading the charge at AMD to help CAD users effectively deploy their models in virtual environments.

Chris holds a BSc from the University of Bath in the UK and multiple patents in the field of computer graphics.

Talk Title:
From CAD into virtual worlds

Talk Synopsis:
If you want to bring your CAD data into virtual worlds there are a number of paths, from very simple to very complex. Which path you choose should depend on your organization, the source of your data and the goal of your AR/VR project. We will explore how to classify your project goals, review the process of “beautifying” your models, and how to approach the decision about which tools are the right ones for your project. As an example, we will also look at how you can use the free Radeon™ ProRender plugins for SOLIDWORKS and UE4.17 to quickly bring CAD data with photorealistic appearances into a virtual world.

AMD’s FREE Radeon ProRender started as a physically based, GPU and CPU accelerated, rendering package and has grown to encompass CAD->Game Engine importer tools. Radeon ProRender is available today for SOLIDWORKS as well as for entertainment focused modeling applications such as Blender, Cinema4D, Maya and 3DS Max; support for other CAD applications is coming in the future.

The Radeon ProRender Game Engine Importer plugin for Unreal Engine is available for free to use in concert with the SOLIDWORKS plugin to import CAD models, complete with materials/appearances and controllable LOD into UE4.17 for VR and AR deployment.

Visit to learn more about Radeon ProRender.