Blake Courter

nTopology Inc.

Vice President of Product
Main Stage //
Computational engineering in design and manufacturing workflows

Talk Abstract:
Generative design we define as “capable of production,” &  thus according to this definition, all engineering is generative. This talk is about how to use computation to represent an engineering workflow. A key part of this is the underlying data representation – it must be continuous & smooth, like a surface, but represent a volumetric object. Requirements are: You must be able to visualize (on your screen), manufacture from (3D print / CNC), &  understand the physics from this representation of a 3D object.

As Vice President of Product at nTopology, Blake leads the effort to create the best system to automate mechanical design and engineering workflows. Prior, he served as Head of Software Research at Stratasys, a leader in additive manufacturing, and as Director of Product Strategy at GrabCAD, helping it grow from 400k to 5M users. In 2004, Blake co-founded SpaceClaim, an influential CAD system that was acquired by ANSYS, and he started his career in product management at PTC. Blake holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a certificate in Materials Science from Princeton University.