9.00 - 9.05am INTRO
9.05 - 9.20am Sarah Krasley / Unreasonable Women
Personalization and Customization

Sarah Krasley talks about her experiences transitioning from being a technology provider to a technology consumer. She will speak on the road ahead as consumers demand greater personalization and customization.

9.20 - 9.40am Jesse Devitte / Borealis Ventures
History of Innovation in New England

A recap on the history of innovation in New England, including engineering software companies: PTC, SolidWorks and onshape, the 3D key printing players and the arrival of GE.

9.40 - 10.05am Jon Friedman / Freight Farms
Growing Fresh Food in any environment

How to take a standard shipping container and build an automated vertical hydroponic farm inside that works 356 days a year & can be controlled from an iPhone, changing the infrastructure for food production.

10.05 - 10.30am Frank Marangell / Rize
3D Printing Injection Molded-Quality Parts

Despite the continued evolution of 3D printing, the technology’s promise has been greater than its real-world use. Especially for engineers and product designers who depend on prototyping to help fuel innovation and who see the potential for on-demand production parts. Until this point, you’ve had to make sacrifices throughout the process, from file to usable part. Whether for speed or ease of use, safety or strength, cleanliness or software complexity, you simply couldn’t have it all – regardless of whether you use a desktop or large, expensive machine operating in a lab.

Eliminating those sacrifices would mean having the ability to 3D print injection molded-quality parts on demand, quickly, easily, affordably and safely. That means 3D printing parts with the same part strength, surface finish, resolution, material properties and color as injection molded parts. They also need to be robust, reliable systems that can provide a much faster total 3D printing turnaround time, are easier to use, and can exist as comfortably and safely in the office as they can in additive manufacturing lab environments. Is this too much to hope for?

The talk will explain Rize’s new Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) technology works, delivering robust injection molded-like parts 50% faster and at lower cost than other technologies and what’s coming next.

Coffee 10.30 to 11.10 AM

11.10 - 11.35am Ed Eaton / DiMonte
A case study in adopting Fusion 360

An 18 year SOLIDWORKS veteran shares the honest experience of his first Fusion360 project: designing a device to help a disabled kid play hockey.
11.35 - 12.00pm Greg Mark / Markforged
New materials and printing high strength parts

With an increasing demand for strong, functional 3D printed plastic parts, Greg Mark will look at modelling strategies for designers and new composite materials.

12.00 - 12.25pm Jorge Barrero / HKS
From idea to 3D printed reality: The story of a 3D printed building and explorations of additive manufacturing in architecture design.

Based on 3D printing technology from WinSun Global, insight behind the design process and digital technology used to create the first 3D printed building in Dubai will be presented.  In addition, a glimpse into HKS LINE and process innovation.

LUNCH 12.25 to 1.30 PM

1.30 - 2.00pm Gustavo Fontana / BOSE
Defining new digital product design processes

As Lead Industrial Designer / Advanced Development at Bose Corporation, Gustavo is always on the look-out for new manufacturing technologies and awesome 3D tools and will describe his views on the evolving digital design process.

2.00 - 2.25pm William Annal / Scotrenewables
Agile product design for sustainable energy

Scotrenewables designs machines to convert tidal energy into electricity. With a team spread between Edinburgh and the remote Orkney Islands, they uses cloud-based CAD to collaborate and speed up design.

2.25 - 2.50pm Sean Dalton / Highland Capital
Common mistakes of entrepreneurs and innovation trends

As an experienced VC, Sean will look at common mistakes made by entrepreneurs and will give an overview of design trends and manufacturing innovations that have caught his attention while examining new start-ups.

2.50 - 3.15pm Dávid Lakatos / Formlabs
Behind the Scenes: Building The Most Advanced Desktop 3D Printer

Building 3D printers is complicated. Many different systems (optical, mechanical, electrical, and chemical) need to work in harmony to create high-precision 3D prints on your desktop. In this talk, Dávid Lakatos, head of product at Formlabs, discusses the makings and testings of the Form 2 desktop 3D printer. From putting the machine through the equivalent of 2 million cycles of machine parts operation, 36 months of regular operation, and dust conditions of the Sahara Desert, Lakatos details the many processes and behind-the-scenes in designing for quality and reliability for 3D printing.

Coffee 3.15 to 3.45 PM

3.45 - 4.10pm John DePiano / Boston Engineering
john depianoTitle:
Innovating in robotic form and function

Bringing game-changing ideas to life, Boston Engineering reverse engineered 20 million years of evolution to produce BIOSswimmer for homeland security.

4.10 - 4.35pm Peter Raymond / Human Condition
Simulation to save lives

Peter E. Raymond will share an overview of Human Condition: an R&D lab in lower Manhattan. The company creates simulations using wearables, virtual reality, and building information modeling to save lives.

4.35 - 5.00pm Jon Stevenson / GrabCAD/Stratasys
Advances in Collaboration and large volume 3D printing

With an overview of all software at Stratasys, Jon will examine engineering team collaboration, together with more information on the firms new infinite build technology

Social Mixer (drinks) 5.00 to 6.00 PM

6.00 – 8.00 PM Exclusive BUILD SPACE visit

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